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Power Fundamentals

Imagine I give you an idea. Imagine that you take that idea and run with it. You create the life of your dreams. How much was that idea worth to you?
Now imagine that I give you the same idea. It makes sense to you, but you take no action. Your life doesn't change at all. How much was that idea worth?
It was the same idea. In one case it was life changing. In the other case, it was just more education.
More education will not change your life. You must change your life. 
I've developed these programs to help you. It is still up to you. It all starts by realizing that much of the time you have not been in control of your life. Realizing that and taking control is where we begin.
Thanks for reading.
I'm looking forward to your success!!
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Mental Mastery

Energy is not power. Energy directed to move matter for a purpose is power!!
To be powerful, you must be able to direct energy to control your brain.
The first course is Mental Mastery. Learn to control your thinking and take control of your life.
Mental Mastery Week 1

Lesson 1. Accurate Thinking – The Philosophy of Mental mastery
Lesson 2. The Experience
Lesson 3. Week 1 Exercise – Practice the Red Ball Experience

Mental Mastery Week 2

Lesson 1: The Science of Mental Mastery – Newtonian Physics through Evolution
Lesson 2: The Science of Mental Mastery – Quantum Mechanics
Lesson 3: Deleting the Ego Program

Mental Mastery Week 3

Lesson 1: The Brain – Your Biocomputer
Lesson 2: Exercise – Find Yellow Cars

Mental Mastery Week 4

Lesson 1 Visualization to Realization
Lesson 2: Exercise – Looking for Answers

Mental Mastery Week 5

Lesson 1: Two Spiritual Laws
Lesson 2: Exercise Using the Laws

Mental Mastery Week 6

Lesson 1: Goal Setting
Lesson 2: Exercise Goal Setting

Mental Mastery Week 7

Lesson 1: The Master Mind
Lesson 2: Exercise – Form Your Master-Mind Group

Mental Mastery Week 8

Lesson 1: Flexibility and Persistence
Lesson 2: Exercise Practice Flexibility and Persistence

Business Basics

Your brain is a biocomputer. It has been programmed. You can delete programs, add programs or change the programming. When you learn new concepts, you are adding new programs to your brain. Just learning the definition of a word creates new neural programming. The Business Basics course gives you the vocabulary of business and the programming necessary to have a business mindset. You will better understand accountants, attorneys, bankers, and other professionals. Adding the right programming to your brain gives you more capabilities, just like adding new programming to your computer.

Lesson 1: The Beginner’s Guide to Balance Sheets
Lesson 2. What Everybody Ought to Know about Income Statements
Lesson 3. Bookkeeping
Lesson 4. Finance
Lesson 5. Is Your “Good” Credit Score Costing You $3000 or More per Year?
Lesson 6. Business Structures.
Lesson 7. Taxes

Business Valuation

The fastest way to owning a successful business is to buy one. How much is a business worth? What makes a business valuable? How can you take a business and make it better. Those questions are answered in this course.
Lesson 1. What Creates Value?
Lesson 2. Investing
Lesson 3. Preparation
Lesson 4. Return on Investment
Lesson 5. Book Value
Lesson 6. Systems – the Difference Between Good and Great
Lesson 7. Finance Ratios
Lesson 8. Valuation Wrap-up


This course is just one quick video. However, if you apply what you learn, you’ll rapidly improve your marketing.
Lesson 1: What I Learned from IBM about Marketing


You are involved in some form of negotiation daily. In this course you will learn 12 negotiation tactics. You will also get real-life examples of a car purchase and home sale. 
Lesson 1. Negotiation Basics
Lesson 2. Twelve Negotiation Tactics
Lesson 3. Negotiating a Car Sale – Example
Lesson 4. Negotiating a Home Sale – Example
Lesson 5. Other Negotiation Examples

Real Estate

Purchasing a home can be the best (or worst) investment you will ever make. Learn how to do it right with this course.
The Doctor's Guide to Real Estate Investing

Goal Setting

As an entrepreneur, you get to design your life. This book gives you the system and helps you visualize and then realize the life you really want.
The Doctor's Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Income Goals

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